About Us

About Us

An Engineer's Dream and the Birth of an IT Consulting company

Our journey began with our President & CEO, Jagdish (Jag) Medarametla transitioning into a world of software-driven processing for control systems. The industry was transforming itself in a big way. Jagdish was exposed as a field technician to the real-world constraints in Manufacturing Systems and was subjected to the pace of learning complex control systems management. The systems were now GUI-driven and software-controlled making the day in the life of an engineer both fascinating and challenging.

Soon, Jagdish rose to the position of Project Manager at his firm where he was given the opportunity to manage advanced control systems in the US and installations worldwide. This experience serves as the bedrock of the organization that he later built in 1999. Dizer Corp. was born.

From day one, the aim of Dizer Corp. was to remain customer-focused. A Symbiotic relationship where there will be no risk passed on to our clients as part of any transaction we do, became a norm. Every conversation with a client was to deliver the utmost value while fielding all possible risks and protecting their IT investments.

At Dizer, we take pride in every project because we measure ourselves on how well our solutions deliver value, how well we met customer expectations, and importantly, the Return on Investment (ROI).

Foremost, our culture resonates with how well the relationship was managed with the customer every
single time.

Dizer Corp. was established in 1999 in Cleveland, Ohio, as a technology services company to augment and support clients across industries in Ohio. Over the years, Dizer has grown into an organization serving clients in various industries across the US.

Meet Our Leaders

  • Jagdish Medarametla


    Jagdish started work as a field technician on old MG sets to complicated control systems with complex software-driven processing and GUIs.

    In a short time, he became a Project Manager and managed advanced software-driven systems in the US and installations worldwide.

    Jagdish takes pride in the success of any project, a measure of how well Dizer’s solutions meet customer expectations, and that is how he has built the culture of the company.

  • Christiane Cope


    In the role of leading the Consulting Practice, Christiane is detail-oriented and expected to multi-task at all times. Her thought leadership creates and sustains the vision for Dizer’s high measures of customer
    value delivered.

    She maintains transparent communication between the client and Dizer Team across all
    IT engagements.

    Besides, she leads the Smart ITSM services business as a subject-matter expert within the insurance industry.

  • Anitha Isaac


    In the role of managing Dizer’s professional services business, Anitha brings over 20 years of experience in the IT staffing industry.

    Her primary role is to lead our team of Account and Recruiting Managers to grow the existing client base by bringing in the right resources for their mission-critical projects.

    She uses creative thinking, continuous improvement, and innovative recruitment methods to deliver on our clients hard-to-find resource needs.